Compilation Participation
Oh my lordy mercy goody goody.

Presently XOME appears on the 'Maximum Noise Vol. 1' cassette compilation cassette with some other fun bands such as: Daniel Menche, M. Shelton, Bonehead X., Knurl, Okaniwa-Fumihiro, Death Squad, Gigantopithecus, Cloud, Crawl Unit, Trauma Room and Stimbox. This is a must have item for you freaky music freaks out there. Presently this tape is available from:

Hebi Like A Snake tapes
1290 Hayes St. #6
San Francisco, CA 94117 USA

You might find it in your best interests to contact them at the above address for maximum listining displeasure.

What else but this! E.F. Tapes has one of the most talked about compilations in cowboy bars and discos all over the world. XOME is presently on a compilation entitled 'The Sound of Samsara' with other luscious projects such as Web Fluid, Pain Jerk, Crank Stergeon, Tea Culture, Nimoy, Hard Hearing, Cock E.S.P., Daniel Menche, NWAS, Skin Crime, A.M.B., Jay T. Yamamoto, Coits, Macronymphia, (In Spite Of Flaming Creatures), Wham-O, The Amputease, Witcyst, Thirdorgan, Prick Decay, The Hearing Trumpet, Taint, Smell and Quim, Dyslexis Coup, Children At Play, Infant Reaction, Ashtray Navigations, Aube, Stimbox, Musicide, Richard Ramirez, Rexor. That was a lot for me to type so you better buy it. It's quite entertaining, by the way and comes on two 60 minute cassettes. Contact:

E.F. Tapes
P.O. Box 14013
Mpls, MN 55414-0013

I think you can send electron mail to them directly.

You must buy the tape on JTY TAPES entitled 'Noise is the Theory. JTY Tapes is the Practice' because XOME has a heavy cut on there too. This is right out of Hawaii. Also you can hear: Jay T. Yamamoto, AIS Band, VCM, Bast, Mike Mariani, T.L. Gilman and too many others in a wild laughable compilation of spoken word, sound collage, noise and other unexplainable doo-doo. Get in touch with:

Jay T. Yamamoto
JTY Tapes
98-085 Puakukui Place
Aiea, HI 96701 USA

XOME also appears on the Oklahoma Calling Volume 5 compilation cassette on Oklahoma Records in Tokyo. You can also be baffled by these other projects on the tape : Danball Band, AAA Bokusatsu Chain Saw Lobotomy, Ten Yen Anakinoko, Shimatsu Sound Saiku, Letter from Canada II, Attack Willy, Tsuchigui Shoubainin, Cherry Straw, Tabi, Yamanote Fujin, Nothing Inside, Samson 5, Mimikman. And more, I think. Wowzy! Wowzy... Please contact :

Oklahoma Records
c/o Yukinori Ami
1-9-10-102 Umesato
Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166

What's better than a warm bowl of spit on a hot summer's day? Only the Miracle of Levitation compact diskette put out by the Gentle Giant Records. Besides Xome, you can hear with your own ears : Ground Zero, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, U.S. Maple, Pencilneck, 7000 Dying Rats, James Plotkin, Tsunoda Tsuguto, Ruins, Jim O'Rourke, Liminal, Akiyama-Sugimoto, Cult Junk Cafe, Melt Banana, Lumbar Trio, Altered States, Yasuhiro Ohtani, Otomo Yoshihide, Flying Luttenbachers and T.V. Pow! Contact this place now :

Gentle Giant Records
P.O. Box 50013
Kalamazoo, MI 49005


It's a mandible and it's in a crisis. It's the first compilation cassette by the fine folks at Mandibles in Crisis magazine straight outta Hawaii. Besides two fat tracks by Xome, it also has some interesting listening material on the rough edge by : Death Squad, Stimbox, 3D House of Beef, Mike Nobody, Cock E.S.P. Fognozzle, Jay T. Yamamoto and Men's Recovery Project. You must get this before it disappears. Contact:

Mandibles in Crisis
99-1661 A Aiea Heights Drive
Aiea Heights, HI 96701

A nice noise cut as well as silly art by XOME is in the "Maximum Noise Volume 2" compilation on Hebi Like A Snake. Other producers of sounds include : Aube, Macronympha, MSBR, Death Squad, Cock E.S.P., Hanged Man's Orgasm, Dyslexis Coup, Richard Ramirez, Mote, Atrax Morgue, Skin Crime, Son of Noise, Black Leather Jesus, Crawl Unit, and STIMBOX.

Hebi Like A Snake
1290 Hayes St. #6
San Francisco, CA 94117 USA

They just moved so try e m a i l.

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